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used. Combination massage, diagnostic massage of the entire body according to your choice and recommendation of the masseur. Simply let go, take a deep breath and feel the strength of the mountains. Please call us for the most up-to-date information regarding availability; a member of our Reservations Team will be happy to assist you. It is suitable especially after excessive load, for untrained prior to exercise, and also in the appearance of the so-called soreness after exercise. Please note: The Scandinavian Baths are offered on a first-come, first-served basis. The Therapist will use sliding pressure with various sized oiled stones to promote relaxation of tight muscles. The result: time for yourself, long-term health, exquisite grooming, pure relaxation the lightness of being in a world sveriges bästa julmarknad at rest. This is a unique way to spend some quality time to pamper, relax and unwind together. Selection of different peelings (mango nectarine, vanilla honey, green tea, chocolate, raspberry). Pressure on a given area or point is stimulated specific organ. HOT lava stones, lAVA stones. Read all episodes, subscribe to receive the next episodes. Anti-cellulite procedure, pretty woman, this massage focuses on the lower limbs thighs, buttocks with the elements of fine and soft techniques using the principles and rules of drainage of the lymphatic system. Please Note: The Scandinavian Baths are not recommended for pregnant women because the sudden changes in temperature can lead to complications. Arnica and juniper, mountain pine and chamomile, even silver quartzite and goats milk. Honey detoxication massage sweet relax, honey bee massage cleanses the pores and increases blood circulation of the skin. Duo Massage, includes Baths Robe Rental, duo massage is a Swedish Relaxation treatment for two people at the same time in the same room. Classic massage, classic massage belongs to the oldest ways of performing a massage. It relaxes the body and mind; it harmonises and appropriately stimulates blood circulation and lymphatic system. Sports massage, sports massage is a type of classical massage, which was specially designed for athletes or for those who do demanding physical performances. Note: A review of your health history form will be part of your treatment l guests must be 19 years of age. Lava stones have extremely strong energy vibrations, which together with heat; remove the blocks of important points on the energy pathways and correctly flows energy in the body.

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Massages can vary in technique from relieving stress gently. Scandinavian Baths and hydrotherapy are associated with many benefits. Detoxifies and eliminates pain, where the treatment intervention acts through nerve connections and endings in the area of selected reflex arcs. Scandinavian Baths, includes Baths Robe Rental, generosity. To alleviating muscle tension or pain. Relaxation at its finest, these are the key words that characterise the Pure Altitude line of treatments and products. A massage perfectly suited to the conditions of pregnant women. Widely recognized for their energizing and relaxing effects. Scented mountain hay the powers of Alpine porrstjärnor plants in combination with old healing lore form the basis for modern spa applications.

Kom og nyd en hel i Kurbadet, inkl.Pool lunch, som består af en let kød- eller fiske ret og et glas cava.Du får fri adgang til vores forkælende -univers.

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Depending on the discussion with your Massage Therapist during your health history review. Pricelist Massage centre and Spa procedures. In 2008 the opening of adler birka bowling boka Balance in Ortisei Val Gardena provided a modern interpretation to the Health Prevention theme. For more information and regular updates. Weekends and holidays are very busy at Scandinave Spa. It is opening channels of communication and understanding. Negative emotions, to remove these substances from the body cream wrap enriched with cinnamon oil and firming cream made on the basis of thermo balsam helps. The results are not only relaxation and rest. But also strengthen health and increased resistance of the body.

Relieves stress and tension, harmonises the mental and hormonal system and counteracts depression.It is a very effective method of alternative medicine that uses pressure and massage of the reflex zones located on the feet.