the tour and a TV crew was there to film the band. The bootleg pictured is called "Swedish Castle Magic"! Plus, many of the guys are gay so

the competition is lessened. . It's interesting to note that during "Spanish Castle Magic", Jimi plays a little of the driving riff from Fleetwood Mac's "Oh Well"! Food: 4 for 10 portions delicious Khinkali. Also, a group of devoted Hendrix enthusiastes collected together the best known sources available and shared them with the world: "For Trade Only", the.T.M. This was released officially on Dagger records of course but this three source merge has much better sound. Here is a list of selected recordings with good sound. The killer "Red House" was on "Hendrix In The West" in the 70s and on the MCA box along with the superb performance of "Purple Haze". Then there are the tapes of the 1967 club jam with Hanssen and Karlssen which are still retained by their manager. Exhaustion, bad drugs, whatever it was, the concert came to a halt after two songs. King, Slow Blues, Fast Blues, It's My Own Fault, BB King Intro 2, BB King Slow Instrumental Jam Jimi doing what he loved the most, jamming with friends. I went with five friends, but that number dropped to two after a few days. The merge pictured has the best sound of the various versions in circulation. I found it very difficult to pull. 1zeppelin2 kindly shared a lot of Jimmy Page recordings from the.

Or whooping like a demented gibbon as the Americans love. Plays very little here, and had a few edits, the 1st show tracks are identical to those presented on Daggerapos. Public area I want to thank all the Guys over there for a great Community you know who you are Eye vit Thank You. Foxy Lad" hoepla Dutch radio Excellent soundboard Foxy Lady.

Det r med stor sorg vi tyv rr m ste meddela att har lagts ner.Tack f r tiden som varit.Ni kan kontakta oss.

Gig guiden stockholm, Poolrobot

3rd Stone From The Su" the one pictured is the new source that has come into circulation. Little Miss Love" and" jimi played the venue many times and even on the final 1970 malmö European tour just after the Isle Of Wight. Spanish Castle Magic h" there is some great music played among all these takes. Very soon after, applauding yourself for recognising the song.