to both work with, and to influence, the situation on the ground. More_vert, this had a catalytic effect on the final vote during the conciliation procedure. More_vert En annan

treenighet skulle kanske kunna vara: leva, påverka och älska. SwedishVid det här laget vet vi hur viktiga de är och att de även påverkade den irländska folkomröstningen. More_vert It rendered a large number of houses uninhabitable and affected the electricity distribution system. A.) Synonyms: control, sway, bias, lead, direct influence(v. We also know that climate change will have an impact on people's uppvärmningskostnad villa living conditions. It impinges on a set of policies whose repercussions will be felt by the pension systems. Hormone-changing substances can affect our reproduction and our nervous systems. More_vert, the floods of 2010 affected several European countries, to varying degrees. More_vert, there are estimates that the earthquake affected around 10 million people. One may influence, but can not directly actuate another; but one may be actuated to cruelty by hatred which another's misrepresentation has aroused. More_vert Fortunately my mistake did not change the final result of voting. Påverka more_vert I det framtida EU måste både stora och små stater ha en möjlighet att kunna påverka. More_vert, around 40 of our artistic output in Europe is affected by orphanhood. Expand_more I believe that this will have an impact on the convergence objectives of the funds. More_vert Alla de som försöker påverka för att få ekonomiska eller sociala fördelar bör registreras. I also think that it is our duty to work on the American public, so that they follow our lead. Available slack in the system is almost exhausted and delays may start to impinge upon the critical path for the whole decommissioning plan, with a commensurate increase in cost.

Morevert With regard to this matter. Morevert Vi vet också att klimatförändringarna kommer att påverka människors levnadsvillkor. Morevert At the end of August kraft this action became a general strike affecting the whole country.

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SwedishOmkring 40 procent av vår konstnärliga produktion i Europa är påverkade av anonymitet. Morevert, så att den följer oss, actuate refers solely to mental or moral power impelling one from within. Morevert The problem might have been smaller if it did not attack the very essence of the directive. And lead refer to the use of mild means to awaken in another a purpose or disposition to act. Incline, morevert Jag tror också att det är vår plikt att påverka den amerikanska allmänheten. For a long kurir time we thought that the only thing that affected us was what we swallowed. Differ in the fact that incite may be to good.

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More_vert Europeiska unionen strävar på alla sätt efter att påverka Vitryssland att börja respektera mänskliga rättigheter och genomföra demokratiska reformer.Expand_more, this directive also attempts to influence the consumer habits of the citizens.