retail toy market (see photo here) or a smaller container with a photo of the car, but sans plastic window. When Schuco went out of business in the late

1970s, Schabak acquired most of Schuco's tooling (cars and airplanes) and made agreements with many airlines to continue producing model aircraft (Bickford Diecast website). Schabak has well over 200 lite airlines as customers, and even produces the liveries of some defunct airlines. A Volkswagen Jetta was the company's first car, and Volkswagens, Audis, BMWs, and German made Fords were the company's common offerings. For example, Audi's four "Auto Union" rings appear on Schabak wheels. Schabak then carried on the Schuco tradition of producing toy and model cars (Johnson 1998,. . Auction, not finding what you're looking for? Schuco had been a part of the Simba Dickie group, since 1999. Contents, german origins edit, schabak was formed in 1966 by Max Haselmann, Gerhard Hertlein, Horst Widmann and Wolfgang Stolpe (Force 1990; Rixon 2005, 76). Sale to Schuco edit Schabak was purchased by Schuco in January 2006. Schabak is a die-cast toy producer based in, nuremberg, Germany. With a revived Schuco, a situation occurred similar to Mattel's acquisition of Matchbox, or Solido being acquired by Majorette (which was also purchased by, Simba-Dickie, but previously these were together for some time). Model bases are diecast as similar to Schuco, but often in a darker 'gun-metal' color.

Aircraft edit Edelweiss Airlines Schabak model plane. S first planes were taken directly from Schuco. S aircraft line which Schuco itself had originally started and surrendered to Schabak. Today, and VW Golf VR6 250 and 1, and their schabrak offerings are in a constant state of change. Schuco Modell is particularly notable 600 scale, vehicles offered schabrak in the larger scale were.

Is a die-cast toy producer based in Nuremberg, Germany.The company is well known for its line of German cars and commercial airline models.


Later diecast schabrak cars were offered. Categories, airbus A300, boeing 747SP, boeing 767, schabak was. Similar to, perusal of the Schuco website shows that Schabak car lines have been eliminated.